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The Cause and Treatments for Nail Fungus

The Cause and Treatments for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is clinically referred to as onychomycosis. This is a very common condition so if you find yourself with this problem, don’t panic or be embarrassed. There are several successful treatment options available. Nail fungus occurs when one or more of your nails are infected by fungi. A nail fungus infection usually begins with a yellow or white spot under your nail; most often toenails. Because your toenails are regularly confined in a warm, dark and moist environment inside closed footwear, fungi will thrive. Another reason why toenail fungus is more common than on finger nails is because there is less blood circulation to toes compared to fingers. Therefore the body’s immune system finds it hard to detect and fight the infection. Fungi are tiny organisms that can pass through your skin through the smallest of cuts or a separation between your nail and the nail bed. As the fungus begins to grow deeper into your nail, your nail will lose its healthy pink colour, it will thicken, develop crumbling edges, and may become quite painful.

A really common cause of nail fungus is having sweaty feet. Because fungus does not need sunlight to survive, your insulating socks and enclosed footwear provide a perfect breeding ground for fungi. Walking barefoot in wet places like shower rooms and swimming pool areas can also lead to nail fungus. Fingernail infections can develop when your hands are continuously being washed or are in water a lot. Constant washing damages the skin that is protecting the nail. The presence of a fungal skin infection – tinea pedis, also known as ‘Athlete’s Foot’ – is another fungal problem that can develop in your toenails. Sometimes even a small skin or nail injury can lead to a fungal infection developing. If your nail is damaged or if you have an infection in any other area of your body, nail fungus is more likely to occur. Those who have a weak immune system, especially diabetic patients, are more prone to experiencing nail fungus problems. Infections on your fingernails can easily spread to your toes if you scratch your toes with the fungus infected fingernail, and vice versa.

In order to completely eliminate re-occurrence, prevent exposing your nails to the causes of fungal infection in the first place. In the event you do succumb and require fungal nail infection treatment, then you can successfully treat the condition.  Conventional treatments such asl oral and topical medicines can be prescribed to treat the infection but have quite low success rates. Furthermore one needs to be diligent by taking the medications very frequently over a prolonged period of time taking up to one year to complete the course of medication. Laser fungal nail treatment is proven to be more effective with no use of oral medicines or chemicals and no dangerous side effects. Take a look at the services our Laser Nail Clinic has to offer, for a comprehensive treatment plan that will have your nails looking clear and healthy once again.

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