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Terms and Conditions


Nail Fungus Clinic Ltd (hereafter referred to as “NFC”) is the only referral centre providing comprehensive advice for clients and enabling them to access laser treatment through a national network of partner treatment centres.


All information given to clients is based on the best practice advice received by NFC from industry experts; in particular laser device manufacturers who build and supply FDA approved machines for the treatment of nail fungus. This is continuously reviewed to ensure we are offering the most up to date advice.


NFC provides generic advice on nail fungus and treatment for this condition only.

NFC ensures that the most convenient partner treatment centre gets in touch with the client directly to arrange an initial consultation and treatment.


NFC does not provide a definitive diagnosis for nail fungus or administer any treatment.


The client authorises photographs to be taken at various stages of treatment. This is strictly for the purpose of monitoring improvement.


Prior to laser treatment being given, the partner treatment centre will discuss your level of infection, inform you of the right course of action to try and kill the fungus and request that you sign a consent form. This is a standard practice associated with all laser treatments and it is key that the client understands fully before proceeding.


The standard treatment of four sessions is successful in many cases. However, frequently and more so in cases where there is a severe infection or a great deal of time has passed before being tackled results in additional treatment sessions being required. These sessions are at extra cost to the client.

Our partner treatment centres will provide an aftercare document informing the client how they can help reduce the chance of reinfection. By not adhering to such preventative measures nails are likely to become re-infected.

Nail fungus causes nails to become discoloured, lift from the nail bed, change shape, width or become deformed in other ways. Laser treatment may not assist the nail to being restored to the former condition pre-infection.

Clinical trials shows that treatment is not one hundred percent. NFC makes no claim that this treatment is guaranteed to work. Cases where infection is very severe or long standing can experience permanent damage to the nail or nail bed.


All treatments carried out utilise FDA approved thermal laser devices.


A consultation is required before commencing any treatment and this appointment can only be made by paying the cost of fifty pounds in advance.

The consultation fee can be deducted from the total cost when a client proceeds with any treatment option.

The full balance owed for a treatment must be settled when the client arrives for their first treatment session.

Additional treatment sessions are payable to the partner treatment centre directly on arrival to each treatment session.


The technology used is only suitable for clients aged sixteen and above.

The client is responsible for adhering to reinfection prevention.

The client should inform the partner treatment centre of any medical conditions before signing the consent form.

The client is responsible for taking time to be familiar with our terms and conditions.


No shows will be charged fifty pounds whether it be a consultation appointment or treatment session.

If you are late for an appointment then you will be charged fifty pounds.

If you need to change the day/time for an appointment then you need to contact the partner treatment centre directly giving at least forty-eight hours of notice to avoid being charged fifty pounds.

NFC will not pass on your details or forward any correspondence to any other party other than to the partner treatment centres to assist you with your treatment or enquiries.


NFC’s website contains a great deal of essential information and we make every effort to ensure it is as accurate as possible. We rely heavily on the manufacturer, industry experts and podiatrists/footcare practionioners to learn about new insights and changes. We recognise that there can be a slight delay in making amendments on our website.


All our partner treatment centres are trained fully to carry out laser treatment for nail fungus and are fully insured. The partner treatment centre is responsible for treatment once the client signs the consent form.


Should a client not fully understand our terms and conditions or not agree to them they must contact NFC within 48 hours of confirming their consultation appointment. Should a client book and have their consultation the same or next day then they may seek clarification from the partner treatment centre directly.


NFC are constantly reviewing terms and conditions so these are subject to change. When a client gets in touch with NFC we will abide by the terms and conditions on our website in dealing with issues at that point in time.

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