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6 Major Causes for Fungal Nail Infection (Illustrated)

6 Major Causes for Fungal Nail Infection (Illustrated)

Here’s an illustrated guide to the main causes of fungal nail infections!  Please pardon the humor, but heck who ever said fungus can’t be funny?!


1. Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating and Nail Fungus

Sweating and Perspiring a lot can lead to A Fungal Nail Infection


2. An Injury to the Nail or Foot

Injury to the Foot or Nail

An injury to your Nail or Foot can cause a Fungal Nail Infection!

3. Wearing Very Tight Shoes

Tight Shoes can Cause Nail Fungus

Wearing very tight shoes can cramp your feet and create conditions for Nail Fungus

4. A Damp or Humid Work Environment

Damp or Humid Work Environment

Working in a very damp or humid environment could also cause a Fungal Nail Infection

5. Walking Around Barefoot in Damp, Public Environments

Walking Barefoot in Damp Environments

Walking around barefoot in public environments that are damp could lead to a Fungal Nail Infection

6. Wearing Non-Breathable Shoes

Wearing non-breathable shoes

Wearing non-breathable shoes that keep the moisture in can create just the right conditions for nail fungus too!

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